About the project

 Project Number: 2021-1-PL01-KA210-ADU-000027412

• Inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, training, youth and sport

• Improving the competences of educators and other adult education staff

• Cultural heritage

• Active ageing

• Creativity, arts and culture

The main objectives of the project are; the interaction between cultural and artistic enthusiasts of various generations from 3 European partner countries, sharing pedagogical and artistic experiences, practicing the common language of Arts, and finding inspiration through local culture and traditions of the cooperating countries. In the light of the above our project aims to promote the unifying feature of local artistic expressions among adults, with a special focus on elderly people, at local and international levels. In relation to the New Agenda for Culture adopted by the Commission in 2018, the project will address the issue of international cooperation in the field of culture and the promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. Cultural participation brings people together. Culture is an ideal means of communicating across language barriers, empowering people, and facilitating social cohesion. Cultural participation also improves health and well-being. 71% of Europeans recently surveyed agreed "living close to places related to Europe's cultural heritage can improve quality of life". It's also confirmed that cultural access is the second most important determinant of psychological well-being, preceded only by the absence of disease. The methods foreseen to achieve these objectives are: - international artistic workshops on specific topics - a study of sources (written or/and oral) - local inter-generational artistic workshops on specific topics – cooperation between involved organizations through sharing information, discussing problems, and finding solutions.