1st Project Meeting

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1st Project Meeting

The first meeting of our project called 'Circle of Arts', which was accepted as part of Erasmus+ projects, was held in Wroclaw, Poland, on 11-12 February. Project managers from Poland (Dr. Aleksander Kobylarek), Italy (Hanna Urbanovich) and Turkey (Hasan Yüce) attended the meeting. The meeting continued with the opening speech of Dr. Alexander Kobylarek, PSP manager and project manager. In the meeting, the general objectives of the project, planned activities, task distribution and activities to be carried out were put on the agenda and evaluated. The necessities of the project activities that should be started as soon as possible were emphasized and the responsibilities were reminded. It was decided to create a web page, and other social media accounts, create project working groups, and draw a logo specific to the project in order to promote and disseminate the project activities. In addition, the place and date information of other meetings to be held within the scope of the project has been decided on.


Files of the event are listed below.

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