3rd Newsletter

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3rd Newsletter

The second international meeting of the 'Circle of Arts' project was held on 18/09/2022 in Nazilli, Turkey. The host organization of the meeting was NAZİLLİ LIFE LONG LEARNING ASSOCIATION (TR), as well as FUNDACJA PRO SCIENTIA PUBLICA (PL) and ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE EDUVITA E.T.S. (IT) organizations also participated.

The main agenda items of the meeting process:
• Evaluating the problems that may be encountered during the project 
  implementation and determining new common solutions,
• What we have achieved up to the current stage,
• What to do in the next stages of the project process and necessary updates and
• Details of the online and real meetings to be held.

At the meeting, the process related to the basic issues was evaluated and finalized. The profiles of our participants were reviewed and joint decisions were made regarding age groups. Local activities to be carried out and principles regarding dissemination activities were reviewed. Preparation of a miniguide and a newsletter is also decided. 

The last international meeting of our project will be held in Lecce, Italy, on 18/19 April 2022 with the participation of 1 trainer and 2 learners from each institution.Press releases will be ready after the local activities. 

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