Italian dissemination event 14/03/2023

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Italian dissemination event 14/03/2023

On the 14th of March 2023, EduVita presented the Circle of Arts project at EduVita, to a group of senior learners 55 plus. During the event, EduVita introduced the project's goals and development and shared the results and the website.

One of the participants (Nadia D’Elia) that took part in the TPM in Nazilli, Turkey, shared her experience participating in the Erasmus+ project. Other seniors were inspired by her experience. Together seniors discussed the draft of the programme and their contribution to the next TPM planned in Lecce for April 2023. It was decided to test the activity from the toolkit (Experiential Walking tour) with partners.

Local senior learners and volunteers attended the dissemination event.

10 senior participants in total took part in the event (7 in presence, 3 online, +1 facilitator, Hanna Urbanovich from EduVita).

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