Italian local workshops 09/05/2023

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Italian local workshops 09/05/2023

The second Circle of Arts pilot activity was held at EduVita and involved a group of local senior learners and educators. During the event, the participants worked individually and as a group to experience art as a creative tool for self-expression.

The event opened with a general introduction about the project, the transnational art workshops, and the results, focusing on the Circle of Arts Toolkit. Later, the activity “Expressing our emotions with colours” started: the participants drew, painted, and creatively represented their feelings using different materials, colours, and techniques. The artistic session was followed by the reflection, where participants shared and discussed in small groups the personal and emotional interpretations of their creations.

In the second part of the workshop, the participants worked creatively to create a Group Portrait using the collage technique. From tearing the coloured paper apart to sticking it to the group poster, the process involved engaging with creativity while reflecting on group integration dynamics. When the Group Portrait was finalized, educators invited the participants to observe the collage, individualize their coloured pieces of paper and reflect on how their creative choices reflected individual and group dynamics. The event ended with a general final reflection where participants shared positive feedback about both the activities and the project.

Number of partıcıpants:   10 adult learners + 2 educators

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