Italian local workshops 11-17 /04/2023

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Italian local workshops 11-17 /04/2023

The first pilot activity occurred during three sessions with three different groups of EduVita senior students. Therefore, Circle of Arts workshops were implemented to combine art and creative expression with language learning.

At the beginning of the session, the educator presented the project, the transnational activities, and the Circle of Arts Toolkit, focusing on the different chapters and sections. Later, the educator introduced the theatre workshop and facilitated different activities from the toolkit, including Benni’s triangle, tongue twister, and emphasizing words in a sentence.

The wedding traditions in Turkey have been discussed and compared with the Italian ones. It allowed seniors without travel to reflect on intercultural similarities and differences. After, the senior learners shared their feelings and thoughts about the activities during the reflection session.

Number of partıcıpants:   10 senior learners + 2 educators

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