Polish workshop 14/02/2023

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Polish workshop 14/02/2023

The workshop for 18 Polish participants was based on the materials and exercises proposed by the Italian group, which can be found in Chapter 2 of our Toolkit.  This form of the workshop was also a form of return to the past and a reference to the Polish tradition of modelling in clay.  Seniors were presented with the idea of modelling in clay, its application in art and not only in practice, and the benefits of combining art and music  (art therapy, increased creativity, work of hands, focus, and expression of feelings).  Each participant was equipped with clay, water and materials for wiping hands, and music was prepared in advance.  Seniors, closing their eyes and listening to music, were to focus on the music and the work of their hands.  Their task was to mould what they felt inside while listening to the music.  After completing the exercise, each participant presented their work to others and explained what they felt and why they created it.  The participants were surprised by the diversity of their interpretations, which referred to historical events, their own experiences, or their perception of art.  There was also a discussion on this topic.  Each participant was allowed to take their work.

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