Turkish local workshop 24/12/2022

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Turkish local workshop 24/12/2022

It was an activity prepared for recycling adult individuals with social closure problems. Especially in our activity, where adult individuals are more talented, it is essential that adults can make joint work with younger generations and make critical comments to products. One of the exciting results of the activity was that; the products reminded the elderly of the formal clothing styles of their youth. And they presented some memories. During the activity, sharing past memories was an additional agenda while working on competences.

This event was inspired by an event presented to us by our Italian partner. ‘Modeling Our Feelings With Clay ‘ (Act.2, Page 32) We wanted to see the results of another practice test in the transnational meeting with local participants. We made several changes in the activity content and used fabric paint instead of clay. We tried to reach common aims with a similar activity. We tried to shape the inner worlds of adult individuals and match their dreams with the emerging product.

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